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05 June 2024

There are both many new companies and many returning exhibitors at Agromek 2024. Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair will take place at MCH Messecenter Herning from 26-29 November 2024.

Agromek 2024 has a broad appeal, underscored by the large and varied participation the fair is already experiencing. While many early registrations come from companies that loyally return year after year, there is also support from businesses that have never exhibited at the fair before. This includes Vestjyllands Andel.

"Vestjyllands Andel's core area, both geographically and commercially, is constantly expanding. Therefore, it is also natural for us to be part of Agromek, which similarly has ambitions to drive agricultural development. We look forward to being part of a top-tier fair where both current and potential customers and partners have the opportunity to meet us face-to-face," says Jesper Bilberg, Sales Director at Vestjyllands Andel, highlighting the fair’s versatile qualities:

"As the largest agricultural fair in Denmark, Agromek manages to attract a diverse range of representatives from all parts of the industry. At Vestjyllands Andel, through our involvement in the biogas industry, we have engaged in projects with companies we have not traditionally collaborated with. We bring this mindset to Agromek, where we hope to converse and collaborate with many interesting people."

Vestjyllands Andel plans to showcase the company’s patented sifting machine, VA SizeMatters, at the fair and will be present with a dedicated team of experts.

Exhibitor: “Agromek is crucial for our entire Scandinavian effort”

In addition to brand-new exhibitors, visitors can also look forward to meeting companies that are returning to the fair after a shorter or longer hiatus. This group includes Krampe Fahrzeugbau, which participated as part of the TBS Maskinpower stand in 2022 but has not had its own stand at Agromek since 2014. That is set to change now, and there are many good reasons for it.

"Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia are among Krampe's focus areas, so it is only natural for us to exhibit at Agromek. Looking at our Scandinavian sales area, I am sure many Norwegians and Swedes will attend Agromek - and that is precisely why Agromek is important for our entire Scandinavian effort," explains Kenneth Brønner, Area Sales Manager Scandinavia at Krampe Fahrzeugbau, who is eager to educate visitors at the fair about the company's products:

"One of the reasons we choose to have our own stand at Agromek is to ensure customers get answers to all their questions. We are specialists and work exclusively with trailers, so we know exactly what is possible and which of the customers' wishes we can fulfill."

Krampe Fahrzeugbau is particularly known for its specialized trailers with air suspension but will also showcase and discuss regular all-round trailers and hooklift trailers - for example, from the Carrier series.

Agromek management: “The sale of stands at the fair is going very well”

Support from both new and "old" exhibitors is greater than usual.

"We are experiencing great support for this year’s Agromek - both from exhibitors who participated in 2022 and from companies that are either entirely new to Agromek or are returning. We are very optimistic and believe Agromek 2024 will be the best fair in living memory. Six months before the fair opens, we are already 17% ahead in terms of square meters compared to the same time in 2022," says Claus Hermansen, Director of Agromek, who continues:

"The Agromek team started earlier than usual with sales, organized sales differently than before, and benefited from exhibitors having a really good fair in 2022. Although each fair is new, and you kind of start over every time, the 'spirit' from the 2022 fair has helped with the 2024 sales."

"We see the same with international guests. I have had numerous meetings with Danish embassies abroad and foreign embassies in Denmark. Where there were previously many questions about whether it was a good idea to participate in the fair, this time it has more been about how to participate in the fair. So, we are also optimistic that 2024 will see many international guests at Agromek," concludes Claus Hermansen.

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