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04 July 2024

With a hall dedicated to energy, Agromek is placing full focus on energy topics, including biogas and the less established technology of pyrolysis. This has generated excitement within the industry and aligns with the recently announced Green Tripartite Agreement. Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair will take place at MCH Messecenter Herning from 26-29 November 2024.

Green Tripartite:
The Green Tripartite (Grøn Trepart) is a collaborative agreement between the government, industry, and labor organizations in Denmark. It aims to advance green energy and sustainability initiatives, focusing on technologies like biogas and pyrolysis.

Industry Relevance:
The Biogas area and Biogas Committee have been rebranded as the Energy Hall and Energy Committee for this year's Agromek, highlighting a broad focus on energy. This change aligns with the priorities of the Green Tripartite Agreement, making biogas and the emerging technology of pyrolysis more relevant than ever.

Claus Hermansen, Director of Agromek, states: "The Green Tripartite Agreement emphasizes biogas and pyrolysis, and so will Agromek. Biogas is already a Danish stronghold, whereas pyrolysis is still developing but expectations are very high. It will be very timely when Agromek focuses on how these technologies can be developed and disseminated."

Technological Focus:
The Green Tripartite highlights pyrolysis as a technological investment, allocating significant funds for its deployment.

Farmer Perspective:
Anders Nørgaard from Nørgaard Agro finds it particularly meaningful that Agromek focuses on energy in the light of the Green Tripartite Agreement.

"The Green Tripartite outlines a developmental path for Danish agriculture with a focus on green solutions, and Agromek embraces this with the Energy Hall. Agriculture is the only provider of photosynthesis with many either owning or supplying biogas plants. It is important that the industry remains open-minded towards new and upcoming technologies and overall development," says Nørgaard, a former member of the Biogas Committee and current member of the new Energy Committee.

Expert Insight:
Peder Nickelsen, CEO of Stiesdal SkyClean, explains the significance of pyrolysis and the role of agriculture in climate solutions.

"Visitors will gain insight into the technology and the status of large-scale pyrolysis plants, and learn how they can support the green transition in agriculture. With technologies like pyrolysis, agriculture becomes part of the climate solution rather than the problem, thanks to the extraction of biogenic fuels and carbon storage from residual biomass."

Exhibitor Feedback:
Assentoft Silo, an exhibitor at the predecessor Biogas area in 2022, is also represented at this year's Agromek and holds high expectations for the new hall.

John Serup, Sales and Head of the Agricultural Department at Assentoft Silo, notes, "It is a great advantage that Agromek gathers all relevant actors in one hall, making it very easy for visitors to navigate among the exhibitors who complement each other. The hall provides significant synergy for exhibitors and allows for spontaneous meetings. It is a very good hall for us, and I am confident it will attract many visitors."

Energy Committee Members:
• Karl Jørgen Nielsen - KJN Rådgivning
• Jacob Johnsen - Bauer
• Karsten Hjorth - Lundsby Biogas
• Lars Erik Nørgaard - Landia
• Per Thomassen - Landia
• Niels Agerbo - Vogelsang
• Anders Nørgaard - Nørgaard Agro
• Kim Jørgensen - Toftlundgaard
• Peder Nickelsen - Stiesdal SkyClean
• Regin Gaarsmand - European Energy
• Nicolaj Madsen - European Energy
• Claus Hermansen - Agromek

Themes on the Energy Stage:
• The Danish Model
• Power-to-X
• Collaboration between Biogas and Farmers
• Pyrolysis
• Energy Sectors: Solar Cells, Hydrogen, Water
• Balancing the Electrical Grid
• Grass Protein
• Wastewater Management and Waste Sorting
• Green Transport

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