Agromek awards stars to 65 New Product exhibits

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04 November 2022

Agromek 2022 can present 43 two and three star New Product exhibits – 17 of these are New in Europe

There is a shower of stars over the 65 impressive New Product exhibits at Agromek 2022. This largest, combined, international agricultural exhibition in Northern Europe opens on 29 November in the exhibition center MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark.

The evaluation of the New Products has now been completed and the awarding of the Stars for the individual products can be seen on Agromek's website on the Agromek Stars page.

The Agromek Evaluation Committee has awarded three stars to 19 New Product exhibits, two stars to 24 exhibits and one star has been awarded to 22 exhibits. Among the three star exhibits there are 17 New in Europe products that have never previously been exhibited in Europe.

Agromek’s Director, Claus Hermansen, has stated the following: “It is a great pleasure for me to study the creativity and innovative New Products presented by the exhibitors. All of these products can be studied at Agromek. There are many New Products which will contribute to a greener environment and labour saving operation and, in general, improve daily efficiency for domestic and foreign farmers.”

The Director also emphasizes that developments within the agricultural industry show important increases towards digital solutions. This is often reflected by the many New Products for field machinery and implements for application in livestock housing.

Claus Hermansen is also pleased by the fact that the New Products are presented by a large cross-section of the exhibitors.

Claus Hermansen continued: “There are both large and many smaller companies which strive to present their New Product exhibits at Agromek. We are also gratified and proud that, despite the fact that four years have passed since the last physical exhibition, the exhibitors have not forgotten that Agromek is an important international venue to present their New Products.

He has also emphasized that the whole idea behind approved and classified New Product exhibits, ensures that our visitors can be certain that there truly is always numerous innovative exhibits to study and hear about when they see the Agromek Star signs on the stands. This applies to all three, two or one star exhibits.

Nomination for Agromek Awards
All two and three star New Product exhibits compete for Agromek Awards in the various sectors.

21 New Products have been nominated for seven Agromek Awards – see them on Agromek's website on the Agromek Stars page.

On the picture you can see the winners from the latest Agromek. Photograph: Wiegaarden.

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