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13 September 2022

On four themed days during Agromek 2022, we will be presenting innovative solutions designed to make the future of agriculture greener.

At Agromek 2022, the future and innovation area Days of Future will be divided into four themed days. Through exhibitions and discussions, we will highlight some of the issues facing agriculture now and in the future.

On Agromek's opening day, Tuesday 29 November, you are welcome to view the theme Future Food, on Wednesday Future Digital Solutions, on Thursday Future Machinery and on Friday Future Ownership.

The thematic days are the result of last autumn's broadly supported political decision approving a green transition in Danish agriculture.

"The agreement to reduce emissions by 55–65 per cent by 2030 will present the agricultural sector with some important choices that will move an entire industry closer to reaching the ambitious goal," says Agromek's Managing Director, Claus Hermansen.

"At Agromek, we want to use our themed days to highlight four essential areas of this transition. As Northern Europe's largest agricultural expo, we have a responsibility to showcase specific solutions and discussions that can guide the industry towards a better future," continues Claus Hermansen.

Agromek's Science Challenge
Visitors will be able to see these real-life solutions in Agromek's Science Challenge, in which a group of university students tackle real-life cases presented by six different organisations. The students will work together with each organisation ahead of Agromek, before presenting their exciting case studies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning of the expo, when the cases will also be assessed.

RuleStore is one of the six organisations that have submitted a case study:

"We want RuleStore to become an active player in the agricultural industry of the future. The Science Challenge at Agromek will give us increased insight into the agro-industrial sector's interest, preparedness and need for digital solutions to handle future agricultural customers' wishes and development opportunities in connection with solution sales," says Mads Kjærgaard Larsen, Managing Director of RuleStore.

In addition, the exhibition, through key industry players such as SEGES Innovation, the Danish Technological Institute and the Food & Bio Cluster, will present solutions and proposals for the food, digital solutions, machinery and ownership structures of the future.

"The future of agriculture is digital. And farmers are already embracing these developments – not least with the help of digital solutions from SEGES Innovation. Digital technology is constantly evolving, and the digital solutions of the future will provide even more new and innovative opportunities to develop agriculture. So it makes sense for SEGES Innovation to exhibit at the Innovation and Future area at Agromek," says SEGES Innovation Director, Ivar Ravn.

Days of Future will also feature an exhibition in the Growth area, where exciting and innovative organisations present proposed solutions for the agricultural challenges of the future.

The area will also contain a stage where the theme of the day will be discussed and relevant topics will be presented. On Wednesday 30 November, the focus will be firmly on Digital Solutions of the Future, when SqM-Farm, a project between Agrointelli, Conpleks, Fieldsense, the University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University, will present the results of their work.

Agromek 2022 will be held from Tuesday 29 November to Friday 2 December 2022 at MCH Messecenter Herning.

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Four themed days at Agromek will spotlight solutions for a greener future for agriculture. Photo: Wiegaarden.

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