More than 500 exhibitors gearing up for Agromek

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03 November 2022

True to tradition, Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair in Herning experiences immense endorsement. Among the exhibitors, who are looking forward to meeting new and existing customers, presenting new products and using Agromek as an essential meeting place and exhibition platform, expectations are likewise high.

With less than a month until Agromek 2022, more than 500 exhibitors have secured a stand at the fair held from 29 November to 2 December at the Danish exhibition center MCH Messecenter Herning. It has been four years since Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair, so exhibitors are eager to meet up, share knowledge and get to know each other in the unique setting provided by Agromek. Skjern Maskinforretning, which sells and services agricultural equipment, is one such company:

"Agromek is a place where absolutely everyone in the industry comes together, which cannot be underestimated. Many of our partners will be there, and we are looking forward to explore the opportunities for synergy the fair has to offer. One of the best things will be seeing everyone again - and of course presenting our machinery and equipment to our customers. We sell large machinery, which our customers like to see and experience, and they have that opportunity at Agromek. We will also be presenting the latest news from New Holland at this year's expo," marketing manager Heidi Rømer explains, who also emphasises the benefits of the visibility offered to exhibitors.

Unique communication platform
This visibility and the opportunity to meet both new and existing customers is also very important for SKOV, which supplies climate and farm management solutions and digital services for animal production.

"Agromek is the best fair for us since it offers a quite unique communication platform and a rare opportunity to invite all our Danish customers. We know that our customers greatly appreciate this opportunity, and it is great to see that interest in participating has really bounced back following the pandemic. Agromek is the place where we show our face to the whole industry, which offers multiple benefits, both professionally and socially," confirms SKOV's marketing manager Stig Jørgensen.

He goes on to highlight new solutions for filtering incoming air in animal houses and energy-saving solutions as just two of the products they will be presenting.

Agromek - adding value for all of Denmark
Energy savings are also a key focus area for SKIOLD GROUP, which delivers digital solutions to pig producers. Like the other exhibitors, the company emphasises the major importance of Agromek for the industry as a whole.

"Agromek is massively important for the entire industry. If Denmark is to continue as a world leader in agriculture, it is essential that we have a shared exhibition window of the highest calibre. A place where we can show the whole world what we can do. Agromek gives us a showcase that adds major value, not just for the industry, but for all of Denmark. In addition, Agromek offers significant branding value and is a perfect place to learn what else is going on in the industry. And of course we are all just looking forward to seeing each other again," says SKIOLD GROUP marketing manager Heidi Agerbæk.

Agromek chairman Sten Andersen is delighted with the massive support both new and long-established exhibitors are showing for the fair.

"The positive feedback from the exhibitors and the keen anticipation we are experiencing from everyone means that we are looking forward even more than usual, if that was possible, to opening our doors on 29 November. We are also delighted that we are continuing to receive registrations for the expo, and we can now boast more than 500 exhibitors," says Sten Andersen, adding that there are still a few places available for those who have not yet registered for Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair.

Agromek 2022 will be held from 29 November to 2 December at MCH Messecenter Herning.

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