Biogas to be a hot topic at Agromek

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14 September 2022

Agromek will provide a large area for biogas stands, where both exhibitors and visitors can find information and share experiences with biogas for optimal utilisation of biogas as a green energy source

Denmark has a strong and unique position in the development of biogas plants, and both Danish and foreign visitors will have chance to learn more about this at the Agromek 2022 agricultural fair.

“Denmark is a pioneer in the field of biogas, particularly larger biogas facilities. Biogas is an important element in the green transition, and it has a significant and pertinent role in supplying energy for the future, especially since Russia's gas exports have been reduced,” says Agromek's Managing Director Claus Hermansen.

Agromek will feature a large area for biogas stands, where all the exhibitors work with biogas or biomass.

Lundsby Biogas is one exhibitor ready to share their knowledge and experience of the biogas industry and provide inspiration for visitors from Denmark and abroad.

“We have more than 25 years of experience in the biogas industry, and we want to inspire others, demonstrate the potential of biogas as a green energy source, and show how we can increase the use of biogas. This is why we feel it’s relevant for us to exhibit in the biogas area at Agromek,” says Karsten Hjorth, Sales Director and Partner at Lundsby Biogas.

He points out that biogas is a truly green resource based on waste in the form of residual products from daily activities, factories and agriculture.

“The potential of bio-resources has not been fully utilised. We want to help potential customers and partners unlock this potential through our technology, expertise and experience in delivering the green transition of the future,” says Karsten Hjorth.

An important trade fair
Another exhibitor looking forward to Agromek is Landia A/S, which develops and manufactures components such as agitators and pumps for biogas plants.

“We’re definitely seeing a strong interest in biogas, which I believe will continue over the next several years,” says Landia Sales Manager, Lars Erik Nørgaard.

He emphasises that Agromek is an important trade fair for Landia.

“We get to meet many farmers from Denmark and the other Nordic countries who want to hear more about our solutions, which are all developed and produced at our facility in Lem, Western Jutland,” says Lars Erik Nørgaard.

Landia delivers equipment to biogas plants in many different countries and has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Norway and the USA, as well as its own sales office in China.

The Agromek 2022 agricultural fair will be held from Tuesday 29 November through Friday 2 December 2022 at MCH Messecenter Herning.

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Photo caption:
Agromek offers opportunities to learn more about the new biogas plant, Grauballegaard Biogas, established by Lundsby Biogas near Silkeborg. The plant processes biomass such as grass, corn, deep litter and slurry to produce biomethane, with the potential to heat approx. 3,500 households. Photo: Lundsby Biogas.

For further information:
Claus Hermansen, tel. +45 4042 5947
Karsten Hjorth, Lundsby Biogas, tel. +45 3163 1699
Lars Erik Nørgaard, Landia, tel. +45 2892 0705