Forestry machines: grapple tong, winches and log grapples

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Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S

Efficient forestry machines for several industries
Over the years, Fransgård has developed a wide range of machines for both small and large tasks within forestry. Machines have been developed with a particular focus on the following customer groups:

• Farmers who have forestry as a sideline or for their own use,
• State, regions and municipalities that have a forest district, road and park
• Forest owners who own estates, privately
• Forest contractors, including machine stations

Log grapple
The log grapple series is designed to be able to lift easily and quickly, and stack and load shortened logs. The front-mounted log grapple facilitates the work process by having a clear working area. The strong construction and simple functions result in an efficient machine for handling shortened logs. The log grapple completes Fransgård Maskinfabrik's series of forestry machines that make working in the forest easier.

The construction of the winch contributes to a very easy and simple operation, which helps a new user to quickly become familiar with the operation of the winch. The single and robust construction of the mechanical wear parts means that the winch is very cheap to operate and maintain. The most stressed wear part is the steel wire, and its service life can be extended by using forest chains for attachment around the trunk. The sliding clutch protects the forest winch and the tractor against unnecessary overloading when the load is greater than the forest winch's capacity.

Grapple tong
The grapple tong series has been developed to grab and move felled or freed logs out of forest areas. The grapple tongs are especially useful when the logs lie shoulder to shoulder after a storm. The machine is efficient for moving whole or shortened logs. The flexible suspension makes it possible to drag logs out of hard-to-reach areas. At the same time, the boom makes it possible to stack the trunks. The top models are also equipped with a winch, and so you have a 2-in-1 machine.

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Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S

Machinery for work in the agricultural, forestry and construction industry
Over more than 50 years we have built up a extensive know-how in machines that solve tasks in fields, in forests and the maintenance of dirt tracks and forest roads. Our experience tells us that few customers have the same needs. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of machines in different sizes and functions within our 3 main areas: field machines, forest machines and road machines. This means that we cover virtually everyone's individual needs.

Machinery for field work
Grass and cereals make up the bulk of

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