Machines for field work : Ratory rake, swath wilter, Combi rake and crimper

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Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S

Fransgård has a large selection of machines for grass and straw processing

Rotary rake
Fransgård's rotary rakes are built for extreme conditions, making them extremely useful for many different crops regardless of the amount of material. Our models have the strongest construction on the market, from 3-point to wheel suspension. With working widths of up to 3.90 m, Fransgård models cover most tasks and are therefore an excellent alternative to a towed rake. The short transport length and quick changeover to transport increase efficiency and accessibility when working on both large and small fields. The construction of all models is robust and strong, and the equipment is built for demanding tasks and designed for great flexibility and efficiency. The machines follow the terrain perfectly.

Swath wilters
Since its introduction in Sweden in 2003, Fransgård's popular swath wilter has been continuously developed and adapted to customer needs. Fransgård has become the market leader for this machine in several countries. The swath wilter is available with either a v-belt or chain drive. Both models can be used in grass, hay or straw and leave a high aerated swath without impurities in the form of soil and stones. Therefore, you get BETTER CROP QUALITY.

Combi Rake RV
The simple and very robust construction has made the Combi Rake RV model the most powerful on the market. The more than 30 years on the market contribute with great know-how about this type of machine. The Combi rake is used for many purposes such as spreading grass and hay, aerating a straw swath and raking up materials. When aerating, the swath is moved 60-70 cm to the side, leaving it at the same time in a high airy even swath.

Combi Rake TI
Fransgård's combi rake offers many options, is simple to service and has low operating costs. All models have a spreading function. However, it is important to note that this function does not correspond to a spreading/return rake function, but is an option to use if spreading is not the most important. The raking function is top notch. When raking to the centre, the swath width can be adjusted to suit the pickup that will be picking up the material. The larger the working width, the larger the swath width. Raking to the side (not TI-4000S) allows you to lay several swaths together, at the same time the TI-6000 can also lay 2 swaths in one operation. The perfect rake if you want to be your own master of raking.

Crimper Intenso I-180 pro is Fransgård's newest machine for grass treatment. It is designed to achieve better feed quality. The crimper helps to break the wax layer on the grass, reduce drying time and decreasing nutrient loss. The machine can be used with a front swather, which also provides a good weight distribution on the tractor. At the same time, it is possible to maintain a high speed even with large volumes of material. The Intenso I-180 Pro makes a smooth, airy swath - even on the 2nd or 3rd crimp, making the job easier for the collector who has to process the material.

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Machinery for field work
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