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Machinery for work in the agricultural, forestry and construction industry
Over more than 50 years we have built up a extensive know-how in machines that solve tasks in fields, in forests and the maintenance of dirt tracks and forest roads. Our experience tells us that few customers have the same needs. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of machines in different sizes and functions within our 3 main areas: field machines, forest machines and road machines. This means that we cover virtually everyone's individual needs.

Machinery for field work
Grass and cereals make up the bulk of crop production worldwide. With different climates all around, this places great and very different demands on the machinery used to mow crops. This also applies to the machines that subsequently provide dry and cleaned crops that can be easily and quickly aerated and gathered into swathes, making subsequent finishing easy and without downtime. Fransgård offers many different models of disc mowers, rotar rakes, combi rakes, swath wilters and crimpers.

Machinery for forestry
Difficult access in forest areas where log removal is needed is a major challenge for many forest owners. It can be difficult to get large machines close to felled or fallen trees that need to be removed. Fransgård has over the decades developed various effective winches, log grapples and grapple tongs that make it easy to tackle the task. Our wide range of model sizes covers all requirements - from small hobby forestry to large forestry.

Machinery for the maintenance of forest roads and dirt tracks
Periods of heavy rain combined with large and heavy machinery carrying out field work always cause heavy wear and tear on forest roads and dirt tracks. The result is often large, water-filled holes in the road surface, slowing down speed and slowing down field work. This costs both time and money, and increases the maintenance costs of the machinery.

Fransgård offers efficient machines for road maintenance. Our wide range of levellers cover most people's needs for levelling roads and clearing them of snow during the winter. Our snow blowers and spreaders are well suited to keep roads and sites clear and safe from ice. Our chain mower models also ensure that verges and vegetation along roads are kept well trimmed.

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