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Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S

Snow blower
We supplies a wide range of proven snow blowers. The models have been on the market for many years and are continuously developed and updated according to customers' wishes and requirements to machines to help them keeping roads open in heavy snowfall and snow drift formation.

Our efficient spreaders are perfect for anyone who needs to spread coarse sand, sand/salt, gravel or similar material. The working areas of the spreader ensure passable paths, pavements, car parks, loading ramps, small roads and other places where accessibility and safe traffic is a major requirement.

Our mechanical and hydraulic levellers are used for efficient levelling of soil, clearing of snow and smoothing roads - especially roads in very hilly landscapes. Fransgård's wide range of model variants cover requirements for efficient levellers for handling both small and large jobs.

Chain Mower
Fransgård's chain mowers are suitable forfor clearing forest roads, ditches, roadsides, etc. They are robust and flexible mulchers, suitable for working on different roads - even where space is tight. Our chain mowers are among the most flexible on the market for both small and large jobs.

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Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S

Machinery for work in the agricultural, forestry and construction industry
Over more than 50 years we have built up a extensive know-how in machines that solve tasks in fields, in forests and the maintenance of dirt tracks and forest roads. Our experience tells us that few customers have the same needs. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of machines in different sizes and functions within our 3 main areas: field machines, forest machines and road machines. This means that we cover virtually everyone's individual needs.

Machinery for field work
Grass and cereals make up the bulk of

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