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VARZ c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

The grain truck semi-trailer from VARZ has a number of advantages:

- carrying capacity 27 tons;

- high sides, for maximum use of load capacity in aluminum version;

- adapted to vertical load;

- equipped with a self-unloading system designed to optimize the cargo unloading process;

- the quality of the frame, capable of withstanding large dynamic loads;

- the possibility of predicting strengthening of the floor;

- reliability of hydraulic cylinder and brake system;

- the maximum degree of comfort for the driver;

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VARZ c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

"VARZ" is a European-level factory with a 30-year history and offers a wide selection of trailers, semi-trailers, agricultural and special equipment for sale.
"VARZ" LLC is engaged in the production of trailers and semi-trailers for various purposes. Our model range includes a huge number of units and expands every day, trying to keep up with the rapid development of modern technologies and the need to quickly respond to these changes. The main products produced by the plant:
- Tipper semi-trailers with a volume of 22 to 60 cubic meters
- Heavy hauler semi-trailers (trawlers), carrying capa

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