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Conpleks FieldSurveyor is one of Conpleks Robotech’s contributions to the newest research related to Digital Farming. The robot is developed as a part of the research project SquareMeterFarm (SqM-Farm) in which we collaborate with a number of Danish companies and universities. The aim is to maximize the yield by using AI, robots and drones, and at the same time be able to save vital resources as time, water and fertilizer.
Conpleks FieldSurveyor is equipped with cameras, which takes pictures, as the robot drives around the field. These data are correlated with comparable data from satellites and drones through AI. Together the data document the health status of the field but for smaller areas at a time. The result is thorough knowledge on how the farmer should handle different areas individually for an example regarding weed control and applying fertilizer and water.

The Conpleks FieldSurveyor robot is displayed at the SqM-Farm stand E4158.

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Conpleks Robotech ApS

Outdoor. mobile robots are the main focus for Conpleks Robotech, but what is a robot? For us, a robot is a machine that creates huge value for the end user. This applies, whether we have designed it for a specific task, or we have converted an existing machine into a robot. For an example, the increased value can materialize as great effectivity and precision, which save both time and fuel. Or it can occur by minimizing wearing, repetitive tasks and potentially dangerous situation for the operator.
In addition to the robots, we have developed an intuitive app, which makes it easy to control t

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