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Conpleks Robotech ApS

Conpleks Robotech has developed Conpleks Clara App, a flexible platform for the controlling and observation of different robot functions. This means that the cloud can manage all functionalities for an outdoor, mobile robot or similar advanced machinery for farming. The app is very user friendly, and it works on both tablets and smartphones. Last but not least, it is compatible with Conpleks Clara Cloud and other IoT-solutions.

The wide functionality of Conpleks Clara App is due to a number of main functions and features such as:

- Virtual joystick
- Dashboard
- Status information
- Overview of route plans, tasks and tools
- Robot data including battery capacity, location, task status and more
- Organization of operators and robots

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Agromek 2024

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This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Conpleks Robotech ApS

Outdoor. mobile robots are the main focus for Conpleks Robotech, but what is a robot? For us, a robot is a machine that creates huge value for the end user. This applies, whether we have designed it for a specific task, or we have converted an existing machine into a robot. For an example, the increased value can materialize as great effectivity and precision, which save both time and fuel. Or it can occur by minimizing wearing, repetitive tasks and potentially dangerous situation for the operator.
In addition to the robots, we have developed an intuitive app, which makes it easy to control t

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