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Conpleks Robotech ApS

Our modern cloud solution tracks task data from outdoor, mobile robots and other advanced machinery. At the same time the cloud works as a complete work tool. Meaning that the cloud can be used for anything from daily fleet management to optimizing routes and for task management.
Additionally, the gathered data types, and the way Conpleks Clara Cloud handles them, can vary depending on the individual robot and its applications.

Cloud functionalities:
- Live data for each single robot including location, energy level, status and more
- System data for each single robot including operational hours, serial numbers, energy consumption and more
- Tools for route and activity analysis
- Reports and graphs based on task data
- Interactive map with the robot’s live location

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Conpleks Robotech ApS

Outdoor. mobile robots are the main focus for Conpleks Robotech, but what is a robot? For us, a robot is a machine that creates huge value for the end user. This applies, whether we have designed it for a specific task, or we have converted an existing machine into a robot. For an example, the increased value can materialize as great effectivity and precision, which save both time and fuel. Or it can occur by minimizing wearing, repetitive tasks and potentially dangerous situation for the operator.
In addition to the robots, we have developed an intuitive app, which makes it easy to control t

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