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With AgriManure, manure is discharged completely automatically.
This means that you have more time to look after your animals - and less time to dispose of manure.
The automation takes place in such a way that a level gauge is installed in the pre-tank, and when this is empty, a signal is sent to AgriManure, which then activates the manure discharge. All the stable's sections stand in a queue and are in turn let out to the pre-tank.

Do you deliver your manure for biogas?
The biogas plants are interested in receiving fresh manure. Fresh manure contains larger amounts of methane, which in turn increases the gas yield of your manure. Therefore, the manure should be drained once every week. AgriManure is set to sluice the manure out on the day(s) of the week when the manure is collected.

AgriManure is simple and solidly built and fits standard manure systems. It consists of a slurry damper with an activator built on top. The activator is BUS controlled, which means that if the spade valve either does not open or close correctly, an error message is sent to you.
AgriManure logs all discharges, which can be used as documentation for the authorities.

Better working environment
With AgriManure, you avoid the manual work of culling and the heavy lifting of slurry plugs. This saves you time and achieves a better working environment.

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Air Cleaning for livestock an other organically material.
Agrifarm is specialized in improving, developing, and installing high-quality housing and air cleaning solutions for the farming industry, biogas plants and other industries where cleaning the air from organically material is needed.

The company has over the years developed unique housing concepts and not least several innovative environmental technologies that have garnered more appreciative prices, such as Agromek Awards in 2009, 2012 and 2014 and the EU environmental award in 2012.

The company is officially founded in 2013 but

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