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The 0-Emissions system is the concept that in its entirety sustainably ensures the green transition in livestock production. The 0-emission system significantly reduces the 3 emissions methane, ammonia and smell. The possibility of allocating more straw ensures animal welfare. The effective floor extraction ensures welfare for both animals and people. The O-Emission system upgrades the manure's value, significantly lowers the CO2 load from livestock production and contributes positively to the farmer's overall economy.

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A combination of novelties to lower emissions of odor and ammonia from the barn. The manure is quickly removed from the barn with a winch, while leaving few residues. The slurry is collected in prefabricated collection hoppers. Vacuum system sucks from the hopper, and ensures that manure with a high dry matter content can be transported, resulting in a slurry with a higher gas potential, and the possibility of allocating more straw to the pigs. 0-Emission system for this year's Agromek.

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Agromek 2022

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Air Cleaning for livestock an other organically material.
Agrifarm is specialized in improving, developing, and installing high-quality housing and air cleaning solutions for the farming industry, biogas plants and other industries where cleaning the air from organically material is needed.

The company has over the years developed unique housing concepts and not least several innovative environmental technologies that have garnered more appreciative prices, such as Agromek Awards in 2009, 2012 and 2014 and the EU environmental award in 2012.

The company is officially founded in 2013 but

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