CMN Quick grass killer

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CMN maskintec A/S

The CMN Quick grass killer is a high effektive machine for quick grass and other weeds in the farm land.
The machine is much effektive in old grass fields for mixen the soil.
The rotor is going with a slow speed for keeping the struktur and the worms in the soil.

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CMN maskintec A/S

CMN maskintec A/S is a Danish development and production company in the field of agricultural machinery and garden/park machinery.
Produktion of machines to reduced pesdicides.
The product range covers the following areas: Reduced soil treatment, direct seeding in nitrogen-fixing crops, mechanical weed control in farm crops, total cleaning of uncultivated land, cutting of banks alongside roads, maintenance of sports pitches, grain management and product development.
The individual products are described under the main groups.
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