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07 September 2022 | Skiold A/S

Airborne diseases can affect the reproductive system, the diseases can contribute to abortions, an increase in the number of dead or weak piglets as well as the risk of re-infection and increased susceptibility to secondary bacterial infections.

That's why SKIOLD offers a solution for increased operational reliability in everyday life, with our new SKIOLD AirFilter system, which filters up to 95% of vira and bacteria away from the incoming air.

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Skiold A/S

SKIOLD is a global company that develops new technologies and sustainable solutions that cover the entire agricultural value chain from field to livestock.

SKIOLD is a leading manufacturer of equipment for agriculture and industry, specializing in seed, grain, pig farms and feed milling plants.

Since 1877, SKIOLD has specialized in the development, production and installation of:

full-line pig farms
poultry equipment
animal feed milling
grain storage and handling
seed cleaning and processing

SKIOLD is a reliable and experienced partner offering extensive know-how, technical exp

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