Lyckegård Group AB

F 5080

Lyckegård has specialized on equipment for sustainable and organic farming with the Nordics as its primary market. By selling directly to the farmer and combining knowledge in sustainable agriculture with a product portfolio covering the entire crop cycle, Lyckegård has created its own niche.
Lyckegård strives towards sustainable agriculture through reduced application of herbicides and commercial fertilizers. The company develops and sells farming equipment for mechanical weed control, soil management and seeding. The tools work mechanically, without chemical spraying agents, and uses innovative methods and new strategies for a more environmentally friendly agriculture. The products can be used by both organic farmers and conventional farmers who wants to reduce their use of herbicides and use modern cropping methods to increase output.
Lyckegård produces and sells four own products, Cameleon, Kvickfinn, Crimperroller and Combcut. Lyckegård is also reseller for Bionalan in Northern Europe and for Köckerling and Treffler in Sweden and Finland. Since October this year, Lyckegård also has solutions for irrigation systems via their subsidiary, Östorps Bevattning.