Lunde Maskincenter A/S

D 3300

Welcome to Lunde Maskincenter, where good service, flexibility and honesty are part of everyday life!
Lunde Maskincenter is a West Jutland blacksmith and machine shop that has existed for over 100 years. The current owners, Leo Pedersen and Kjeld Jensen, bought the company in 1999. Together, the 2 of them have over 70 years of experience in the industry and, alongside the existing activities, have expanded with e.g. Demmler wagons, Jansen machines for agriculture and forestry as well as ino agricultural and municipal construction machines. We are today the sole importer of Demmler, ino and Jansen in Denmark. Jansen is produced in Germany and we generally receive the products ready to go, as far as possible. Demmler and ino are typically associated with post-assembly according to Danish law and regulations, but limited to post-assembly corresponding to ½ day.
Primarily, Lunde Maskincenter has its own production of BioRoter and BioHarve. These are patented machines aimed at agriculture (largely organic farming, where pesticides are not desired) as well as gardens, parks and beaches (both private and public). We are working with a size range that suits not least the northern European conditions. The machine components are produced in Denmark and assembled by our competent employee, here at the address in Lunde, at No. Nebel in West Jutland. Like many other things, our flexibility is great, which is why the machines are adapted to the customer's wishes and needs.
The company currently has 10 employees and performs virtually all tasks within agriculture, setting up new wagons, other machines and, not least, maintenance of agricultural equipment.
In 2022, we have also hired a sales and marketing manager, which is why the sales material, website and social media will be reviewed and updated. There will also be an increased focus on customers and not least new topics as well as advertisements and campaigns.
Finally, we are working on an improved and positive "face" to the outside, where we will increase our activity in the market. There will be trade fair activity, product presentations and meetings – typically with customers and organisations. In the same development, we also have an eye on foreign countries, where together with locally known people we will scan the market for push - primarily with reference to our own Biorotor/Harrow.