Kobzarenko Plant c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

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Zavod Kobzarenko LLC was founded in 1993.
Today, the company has 4 territories in Ukraine (Sum region) - two in the village of Lypova Dolyna and two in the city of Romny, as well as the territory of the plant in Poland. Production workshops and warehouse complexes have been built on all territories. The production uses the most modern stations for cutting, bending, turning, milling and heat treatment of metal.

About 1,000 workers work at the enterprise.

The enterprise manufactures more than 100 types of equipment:
• 20 types of tractor trailers
• 4 types of aluminum car trailers
• 9 types of transhipment bunkers
• 20 types of tanks for water, liquid and plant protection products
• 20 types of various screws
• wagon loaders/unloaders
• self-loading trailers for round and square straw bales
• trailers for transporting animals
• grain packing equipment
• spreaders of mineral fertilizers
• carts for transportation of harvesters
• as well as dumps, buckets and attachments

"Zavod Kobzarenko" is the No. 1 manufacturer of tractor trailers in Ukraine.

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Dmytro Kobzarenko


Dmytro Kobzarenko

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