AC Hydraulic A/S

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AC Hydraulic A/S is a family owned company situated in Viborg, Denmark.

The company was established in 1958 by master smith Anker Christensen (AC). Shortly after launching his handicraft and repair shop, Anker Christensen was inspired to design and develop high quality lorry and workshop cranes.

His original concept became the base of production and the AC crane was soon known in all of Denmark for its high quality. Development of a wide range of lifting equipment soon took place and with the extended product range the company was ready to move into export.

Today AC Hydraulic A/S is an international company in AC Group A/S, with a combined annual turnover of 55m euro exporting 90% of the production to more than 50 countries worldwide. To this day, AC Group A/S remains 100% Danish-owned and managed by the 3rd generation, Søren and Claus Anker Christensen.

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Simon Munch Laursen


Simon Munch Laursen

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