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Precision farming and drift reduction are two important issues for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural solutions. With the Condor Vanguard, Agrifac delivers a machine that truly lives up to its ethos: ready for the future and compliant with all European regulations. With a tank capacity of 1585 gallons and a driving speed of up to 30 mph, it gives the market exactly what it needs. More high-quality yield is achieved more efficiently with the fast filling, fast cleaning technology and fast folding booms. Like all our self-propelled sprayers, the Condor Vanguard is equipped with the most innovative and high quality (stable and balanced) options, which takes it into the Vanguard of precision farming and drift reduction. This is based on our 4E’s for growers principle: efficient, economic, ergonomic and ecological from design to development and throughout the usage by the operator too. Agrifac offers the most sustainable self-propelled sprayers in the world!

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