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The Sukup silos are delivered in industrial quality with strong external bracing. All steel silos are supplied in elements for easy and quick assembly on site. The roof is made in light sections with bent braces for easy assembly.

The silos are manufactured with such great strength that you can mount walkways and transport equipment over the silos without additional reinforcements.

As additional equipment for the Sukup steel silos, aeration equipment with fans, ventilation hoods, filling and emptying equipment, external level indicators, equipment for temperature monitoring and equipment for drying in the silos can be supplied.

To get as good aeration as possible, fully perforated aeration floors can be supplied. The floors can be delivered with perforation for either grain or rapeseed. The rapeseed floors can also be used for grain aeration.

In order to check the storage stability of the grain in the aeration silos, temperature cables with a reading instrument can be supplied. The temperature is measured at different places in the silo and at different heights.

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Sukup Europe A/S

For over 65 years, we have been a proud supplier of drying and
storage facilities for agriculture. Our experience and great
know-how creates valuable solutions for customers every day
all of Europe.
We are today one of the oldest companies in the industry
grain drying and storage, which helps to ensure
optimal and efficient solutions for both agriculture and industry.
Until 2015 we were operated under the name DanCorn, and today is
we marketed as Sukup Europe. We have a strong
ownership structure as the foundation for the business, but with a
business model and agenda that is firmly

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