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Landia's submersible pump with the unique blade system is immersed in the slurry, where it is used for mixing, shredding, backwashing and overpumping in pre-tanks, wells and storage tanks. The submersible pump can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes, fixings, lifting systems, piping and couplings. The installation is frost-free.
The pump can be supplied both as a medium-pressure pump and a high-pressure pump.

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Landia A/S

Landia was founded in Denmark in 1933.

The headquarter, including production, remains in the same village where it was once founded – and Landia is still owned by the founding family.

Today Landia is a modern, up-to-date company that produces a comprehensive range of pumping and mixing solutions. Constant development has meant that Landia has managed to keep up with the times - and in some areas is at the forefront of development.

Landia supports you through our subsidiaries and offices in Denmark, the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China – plus a worldwide network of strong profess

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