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Schauenburg Hose Technology GmbH

Premium garden hose for irrigation, featuring advanced SMT anti-torsion fabric, preventing knots and kinks, recommended for overhead hose carriage/trolley watering systems for greenhouses

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Schauenburg Hose Technology GmbH

The SCHAUENBURG HOSE TECHNOLOGY Group is one of the world’s biggest and leading plastic hose manufacturer, producing high-performance hoses from virtually every thermoplastic. With production, distribution and trading facilities in Germany, France, Italy, Romania, China
and the US, SCHAUENBURG serves customers in 74 countries around the globe. Starting the business in 1953, SCHAUENBURG can draw upon almost 70 years of experience in hose production technology. Like no other company, SCHAUENBURG collates a unique level of skill and expertise, offering customers an incomparably broad product ran

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