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SIWI Maskiner ApS

Danish SIWI has developed yet another patented fully automatic hitch system, this time the system is only to be used for disconnection in extreme cases.

SIWI FireSafe has been developed for the harvest season, where we unfortunately see many cases of fire in straw balers. There is no system on the market that can disconnect all functions of an advanced baler, which is why we unfortunately today see severe work accidents where the tractor driver tries to save the tractor when the baler catches fire.

SIWI has taken all the best features from our existing SIWI Combi Hitch and boiled them down into an emergency release system. SIWI FireSafe can be mounted on all balers as an extension of the K80 connection.

When the tractor operator detects a fire in the baler, he must slow down, press a button on the control panel, after which the baler is switched off via SIWI FireSafe. Everything gets disconnected, even the PTO linkage, hydraulic hoses, air hoses and electronic cables. Unfortunately, we have seen from our study that several tractor drivers disconnect the burning straw baler, but it all happens so quickly and is very hot that there is no time to disconnect hydraulic cables etc. These are subsequently pulled out of the rear of the tractor and this often results in a totally damaged tractor afterwards.

As always, SIWI has worked to create a product that can raise occupational safety to the highest level, and we believe that SIWI FireSafe has succeeded in this as well. It is important to SIWI that the tractor driver can safely leave a fire by disconnecting the tractor and driving it and himself to safety.

After conversations with insurance companies, they also see a very large interest in their customers having an emergency disconnection system such as SIWI FireSafe installed.

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This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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SIWI Maskiner ApS

SIWI Combi-Hitch is the hitch system of the future. A hitch system that lets you change your attachments or trailer directly from the tractor or forage harvester cab. When hitching all you need to do is reverse the tractor or forage harvester, lift the module up and connect the hydraulic hoses and electrical power – all done from the cab seat. You can use the system for many different tasks – from forage harvesting to muck spreading. There is unlimited scope to how you can effectively use the SIWI Combi-Hitch system.

The SIWI Combi-Hitch is ideal because it means easy, precise and efficient

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