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Our ROLLOMAXIMUM is a unique hybrid of a 4-row seedbed cultivator: cracker board, levelling board and two roller sections.
The unique construction of the ROLLOMAXIMUM enables you to create a seedbed in a single pass in most soil types.

This means that the ROLLOMAXIMUM achieves a very high capacity
without compromising on the quality of the work performed.

The six operating zones of a ROLLOMAXIMUM are:

- Wheel Track eradicator, which eradicates compaction left from the tractor.
- Cracker board, which crushes clods and begins leveling the seedbed.
- First Roller section, Cast iron Crosskill rollers work to further break down and level the seedbed.
- 4 row tine sections, which are controlled accurately to the desired depth via the hydraulic system.
- Rear leveling board.
- Rear pressed steel Crosskill roller, leaves a fine and even finish
to the seedbed.

ROLLOMAXIMUM creates the optimal seedbed, thereby helping to increase yields by up to 1.5 tonnes/hectare, especially for the cultivation of beet, maize and other specialist crops.

The ROLLOMAXIMUM is available in 6.2 and 7.5 m vertical folding
and 9.3 and 12.4 m horizontal folding. All models fold to 3 m for safe road transport.

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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DALBO A/S was founded in 1948. We are specializes in the development and production of high quality agricultural implements.
The core of DALBO’s expertise lies within land rollers, making DALBO
one of the largest and most recognized names in Europe. Stubble and seedbed harrows complete the product range.
Backed by more than 70 years of industry experience, DALBO intends to remain in the forefront of structural technology and respond to the needs of today´s modern agriculture for efficient and reliable machines. We stay close to the market, providing a market-aligned alternative to large so

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