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Best Farm A/S

Best Farm’s Pig-LET Starter has been tested by Danish
pig producers with great results. Tests have shown that
the Pig-LET Starter can save 40-50% of the weakest
piglets. Along with the product, milk with
a low PH is used, which keeps the milk fresh and appetizing
for the pig.

Saves 40-50% of all mini pigs (weakest piglets under
800 g)

Removable drinking solution for milk, used on day 0-3
and are placed in the covered creep area

The weakest piglets get a supplement to the sow’s milk.

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Best Farm A/S

Best Farm is a new agro company that puts focus on the farrowing
pen. Our mission is to reduce mortality among piglets through
innovative solutions optimizing the conditions in the farrowing

Best Farm is founded by Lars Brunse and is part of The IBF
Group, which also includes the companies Polysan and SundsAlfa,
both operating in the field of agriculture.

Best Farm offers a 360-degree solution with focus on
improving the environment in the farrowing pen, ensuring
lower mortality and improvement of productivity.

In addition, we want to future-proof the farrowing pen with lo

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