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Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

The future of agriculture will increasingly involve high-tech precision technology, including robots, drones, satellites and sensors. This transition requires farmers to adopt new capabilities that can help them monitor plants with centimeter-level precision, process HD data at the edge, and generate plant-level insights just in time. That is why we have invented an AI-based camera sensor that supports a future where fields must be digitized at plant level - PerPlant

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Agromek 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Food Bio Cluster Denmark
We are Denmark's national cluster organisation for the Danish food and bioresource industry. We are a unifying platform for innovation and growth
– for Danish and international companies and knowledge institutions.

We cover the entire value chain from farm to fork - and beyond.

We offer
As part of the cluster, you will find knowledge and inspiration on innovation and green transition within food and bioresources. Through dialogue and collaboration, we will create solutions tailored to your needs.

We help companies to grow and to continue to grow. We run th

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