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TAD c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

TAD is the leader of the oversized transportation market in Ukraine.
21 years of experience. 140 units, specialized special trailers
High level service, quality equipment, professional staff, optimal logistics. Continuous development, improvement and search for new technical solutions in transport and logistics processes. These are the basic values ​​on which our company is built and thanks to which we have the honor to be a carrier of valuable goods of our customers. The geography of our transportation is Ukraine, Western and Eastern Europe. We provide a full range of logistics services for the transportation of your oversized cargo. Elaboration of optimal routes, production of special permits and project transportations, rigging works, assistance in customs clearance, own customs warehouse. And of course the transportation itself, which we carry out our own transport, which gives us the opportunity to provide both the best prices for our customers and high quality work, which in the implementation of such a complex type of transportation is extremely important. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the cooperation with TAD.

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TAD c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

TAD is a leader in the production of machinery for oversized transportation in Ukraine.

Our trailers can have from two to ten axles and up to one hundred and twenty tons of payload.

The model range consists of several types of technique : Classic, Jumbo, Mega, Trailer, Telekop. Which, in turn, have different options for equipment, load capacity and configurations. Our production is focused entirely on quality products and long-term honest partnerships with our customers.

Since 2020, we have opened a new direction, the production of trailed dump trucks, we manufacture metal and alumi

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