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Daka SecAnim

With the PIGUP&KO app, it is easy and quick to register your dead animals for collection from Daka.

The app has just been updated and has therefore gained a number of new functions:
- Pre-registration and registration directly to Daka
- Possibility to switch between several languages
- Access to multiple registration numbers
- Naming of locations
- Direct access to guides and service announcements
- An overview of your collection history and performance

We look forward to showing you the new update on AgroMek!

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Agromek 2022

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Daka SecAnim

At Daka SecAnim, we collect dead animals from agriculture and private livestocks, and recycle them as raw materials in biodiesel and in the production of meat and bone meal. We are a part of the veterinary emergency and together with Danish farmers, we help to carry out a social task, where residual products are used as a resource, and where the possible spread of infectious livestock diseases is minimized precisely by dead animals being collected and processed in a safe way.

At this year's AgroMek, you have the opportunity to meet our advisers, who are ready to help you with the new update

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