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HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine-seeder that can easily be mounted onto many different types of farm machines such as rollers, seeders, stubble equipment, subsoilers and weeders.

Multi-Seeder is ideal for a wide variety of seed species e.g. rape, wheat, mustard, clover, grass and for spreading fertiliser and snail poison.

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HE-VA is good craftmanship and dedicated employees. We develop, produce and market high quality farm machines that make work on the farm easier, quicker and ensure highest possible yield.

Vi listen and meet our customers where they are and at eye level.

A close cooperation to us means to listen and meet our customers at eye level. HE-VA farm machines are developed with basis in the many different needs in agriculture - needs that vary from farmer to farmer and from country to country. We have developed a great selection of machines with a wide variety of extra equipment that makes it pos

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