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KVK Hydra Klov

The model 800-1 hoof trimming chute is KVK’s five-star model with fully hydraulic functions, low noise components and with a focus for optimal comfort for hoof trimmer as well as livestock. This hoof trimming chute is not only used by professional hoof trimmer, but also more and more by the rapid growing dairy industry and veterinarians.

The model 800-1 meets the highest standard for fast and efficient hoof care and is the optimal solution for today’s demand in hoof trimming. It is designed to perform hoof care on livestock weighing between 200-900kg, while providing the animals with optimal comfort during the hoof trimming.

Agromek 2022

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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KVK Hydra Klov

KVK Hydra Klov is a modern company devoted to engineering and manufacturing hoof care and hoof trimming equipment. KVK Hydra Klov was founded in 1969 by Karl Viktor Kornerup, who was a fully qualified hoof trimmer, trained at the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural College. Since then Kornerup’s original simple frame has been consistently reengineered, and today’s products are highly efficient and fitted with hydraulics. KVK’s customers are assured of the benefits of more than 50 years’ work with and producing hoof trimming chutes. Our chutes are developed to withstand high loads in tough

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