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Matador B.V.

Why the M-@M-TRAC 2.0:

Full electric Multi-tool.
No CO2 emissions, no exhaust fumes.
Very low noise level.
Vibration arm
Infinitely adjustable PTO and driving speed.
Charger and batteries (up to 200Ah) on board.
Standard with work and signal lighting.

Garden and Park / Gardeners / Greens.
Weed control.
Greenhouse horticulture.
Winter Service Snow Clearing.
Livestock / stable cleaning.
Can be used in all four seasons.

Wery low noise level.
Wide range of implements available.
Intuitive controls with tempo gauge for PTO (Power Take Off) and speed.
Rated power 14 HP (2 HP drive / 12 HP PTO) peak power up to 20 HP (battery dependent).
Electric lock height adjustment steering wheel.
Handlebar side adjustment: -45 °/ 0 °/ + 45 °.
Front / rear lighting, work lights and LED safety lights.
Hydraulic steering/disc brakes.
Vibration arm.
Patented system

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Agromek 2022

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Matador B.V.

Matador is a service-oriented company, founded in 1895 and located in Helvoirt, the Netherlands. The Matador company consists of around 9000 square meters with more than 85 professionals and over 100 years of experience in metal technology. We proudly present our range of Matador ® wheelbarrows; a complete range of wheelbarrows, trolleys and tools for the construction, agriculture and horticulture industry.

Matador is your reliable partner for non-machine processing of metal pipe and sheet materials, steel constructions and metal parts.

“Matador is yo

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