Laser Cutting Machine of AFX-PRO Series

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Aramis c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

Highest performance.
Two-pallet automated table.
High dynamics of movements, maximum efficiency of the processing process.

AFX-PRO series laser machines have enhanced mechanics of the portal mechanism, which together with an automated two-pallet table allows you to obtain the highest productivity and processing efficiency.

Gantry mechanism

AFX-PRO series laser systems use synchronous brushless linear motor drives. The use of drives on linear motors significantly increases the performance of laser cutting systems, and allows obtaining maximum accuracy, stability characteristics and high reliability.

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Aramis c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

ARAMIS is a modern research and manufacture enterprise specializing in development and production of innovative laser metal processing complexes.

The company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of precision engineering. During this period of time, we have accumulated a lot of experience with motion systems, laser sources, optical systems, electronics, software, etc. A database of reliable suppliers of components and spare parts has been developed.

The research-based approach and extensive production experience makes it possible for us to provide exclusively high-tech solut

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