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Maskinfabrikken JST A/S

We offer a large selection of Nordic tilt-rotator grading buckets for excavators of all sizes.

Our tilt-rotator grading buckets are specially designed to make full use of the rotor tilt and to efficiently cut through the material with minimal digging resistance.

The Nordic tilt-rotator grading buckets are made of high-strength steel. The buckets therefore have a relatively low weight, while they at the same time are extremely robust.

See the large selection of tilt-rotator grading buckets on our website, where you can also find prices and specifications in our catalogue.

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Maskinfabrikken JST A/S

Maskinfabrikken JST A/S has 20 years of experience in manufacturing attachments for loaders and excavators within construction and agriculture.

We offer both a wide and deep selection for all sizes of machines and take pride in manufacturing attachments that lasts and works. We also offer adaptations to standard products or completely custom-made attachments.

All JST attachments are manufactured in Denmark at the factory in Lem St. The local production gives us full control over the quality and the production process, and we can therefore make some of the best buckets and attachments in

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