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Schütz GmbH Messtechnik

With the Gas Pen Digital 3000 Ex the smallest of gas leaks can be detected. Together with the robust metal sensor head and the stable housing, the GPD 3000 Ex is a professional measuring device for gas leak detection for daily use.

It is the perfect gas measuring device for checking house gas systems, checking car leaks and much more!

It is the perfect gas measurement device to inspect home gas installations, to test automobile tightness and much more! Gas leak detection is particularly problematic on pipe joints with swellable sealants. Leak detection sprays cause the sealing materials to swell and the leak is temporarily sealed again.

This GPD 3000 Ex avoids these false readings. This portable handheld gas detector has very simple programming that provides exact results.

2 year guaranty
1 free annual revision
ATEX Certification

The clear digital display of the measured values enables even inexperienced users to easily search for gas leaks and the analog display makes it easy to assess the trend of the gas detected. The sensor in the GPD 3000 Ex is protected from dirt and mechanical stress by a protective metal cap. Together with the rugged metal sensor head and the stable housing, the GPD 3000 Ex is a professional leak detector for everyday work.

Agromek 2022

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Schütz GmbH Messtechnik

Schütz Messtechnik has been active as a service provider and equipment manufacturer for energy supply companies for more than 50 years. The range of services is divided into three areas:


In the service division, Schütz has been active in digital gas pipe network monitoring for a long time and is one of the pioneers and trendsetters in this field. The customer base includes more than 100 municipal utility companies.

Schütz's core competence has always been the development of innovative measurement technology. All gas measuring devices and

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