FunkiNet Piggi Soup

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FunkiNet Piggi Soup is targeted small piglets at weaning. It is a liquid feeding system that uses residue-free distribution at the end of the day with subsequent cleaning of pipe systems.

The aim is to facilitate the smallest pigs feeding procedure as soon as possible after weaning, where the combination of liquid feed and highly digestible feed components ensures a high daily feed intake from day one.
In addition, Piggi Soup reduces manual labor and improves stomach health. Manual feeding of the small piglets has shown significant growth improvement when liquid feed is dosed with sufficient products. However, the manual feeding requires many man-hours, and generally the dosing does not take place when pigs are hungry, but when people are present. Piggi Soup is the best alternative to this setup!

FunkiNet Piggi Soup can be used for zinc-free weaning. There is always fresh feed thanks to frequent mixing and dosing in small quantities. No feed residues in the pipes during break periods. Pigs get all the food they need and therefore grow faster from day one.

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