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ColorFeed phase feeding.

We offer phase-feeding systems for sows, weaners, and finishers. The systems work according to the same principle and deliver the right amount of feed to the animals at exactly the right time.

Reduced Feeding Costs:
Implementing phase feeding allows precise tailoring of diets to the pigs' specific growth stages and nutritional needs. This precision in feeding ensures that pigs get what they need for growth without wasting resources, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Improved Feed Efficiency:
By adjusting the feed composition, farmers can ensure that feed is consumed more efficiently and contributes directly to the pigs' growth, making the entire growth process more efficient and cost-effective.

Easy to use:
ColorFeed is easy to use and does not require the installation of extra electronics or mechanical equipment. One color is equivalent to one recipe/feed mixture.

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ACO FUNKI A/S is one of the leading European suppliers of livestock equipment for pig farming. With 90 years of experience, we have a solid background and deep knowledge of the pig industry. We create the most effective solutions for pig stalls. We focus on animal welfare, which results in high production output. We deliver full-line solutions - worldwide.

Today, ACO FUNKI is a stable company with representatives in several countries. Since 2004, ACO FUNKI has been a part of ACO GROUP - a leading drain system

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