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With FarmTracking, you easily keep track of your field treatments – right from the tractor.

With a user-friendly interface and GPS functionality, FarmTracking allows farmers to easily record a comprehensive crop journal of all activities within the field. This is why FarmTracking is used among 10.000+ Danish farmers.

FarmTracking offers a comprehensive overview of all your fields and tasks, simplifying collaboration among your colleagues like never before. The app not only streamlines your daily operations but also ensures that you are fully compliant with crop cultivation regulations.

With FarmTracking, you get:

- a tool to keep track of the total application of all major nutrients to the crops
- streamlined irrigation management, optimising the logistics of moving irrigation machinery
- easy calculation of drought stress for major crops, further enhancing irrigation optimisation
- nutrient usage monitoring for effective management.

Do you see a potential in using FarmTracking for farmers in your country?

We are always open for collaborations and partnerships. If you are interested in joining forces with us, or if you have any exciting ideas, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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SEGES Innovation P/S

SEGES Innovation is an independent innovation company that has been developing new knowledge and concrete solutions for sustainable food production for over 50 years. We also translate our deep knowledge of agriculture and food into advanced software that paves the way for new possibilities.

At SEGES Innovation we have ambitious climate goals. We want to contribute to the solution of reducing the impact on the environment while providing for a growing world population. We work closely with partners in the agricultural industry, companies and universities from all over the world. Together, w

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