Combine rotor trailer Ross-2

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Bilotserkivmaz c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

Makes green sowing and natural herbs, corn and other crop silos, simultaneously shreds and loads into the vehicle shredded rough structure green feed, which is used for direct feeding of livestock.
The modernization of the grinding system was accomplished by installing on the design of a blade of knives in an amount of 6 pcs., and in the design of the frame - a scrubbing plate, which allows to increase the degree of fraction grinding.
Knives of the original design with a double-sided cutting edge, which is reinforced with solid alloy, hinged on the rotor, provide the optimal height and quality of the cut, reliability and durability of the combine.

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Bilotserkivmaz c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

"Bilotserkivmaz" is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery on the Ukrainian market, which for almost 20 years supplies farmers with machinery for tillage, soil protection, forage harvesting, harvesters, reapers, seeders, as well as units for chemical protection and fertilizers.
Creation of a team of professional designers, manufacturing and sales of agricultural machinery plant "Bilotserkivmaz" successfully develops due to scientific and technical potential, implementation of innovative developments, modernization and large-scale technical re-equipment.
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