Chamber stationary seed treaters PKS-20 PT

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Lvivgromashproekt c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

The PKS-20 PT treater is intended for treatment of seeds of grain, leguminous and oil crops with water solutions or suspensions of fungicides in seed preparation workshops or seed units of enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.
The control of operation of the treater and its mechanisms is carried out from the control panel. The treater is installed in the technological line. The peculiarity of the treater is that it can work with multi-component, more viscous working solutions, thanks to the peristaltic dosing pump. Equipped with a low-speed paddle auger with polyurethane pads for working with crops prone to damage. Easy cleaning of the treater due to quick disassembly of the treating chamber and blade auger. The main units of the treater are made in a stainless version. The main advantages of the device are: high accuracy of dosage of the given rate when working with both ordinary and multi-component working solutions, easy change of the feeding operation using push-button switches with fixation of the result on a special display, absence of self-pouring of solution residues when the treatment process is stopped, if necessary - the possibility of returning solution residues from the elements of the hydraulic line to the main tank. A frequency switch is installed in the treater, which allows you to change the rotations of the auger.

The machine, working in automatic mode, monitors the real-time weight of the seeds with the specified time period of the check and, if necessary, changes the supply of the treating solution.

This system is designed to create a working solution according to the “agronomist’s recipe” immediately before entering the treating chamber.
One dosing pump pumps clean water from the main tank, three pumps are designed to supply different preparations from separate factory packages (canisters).
This machine can be equipped with tenso-sensors to determine the actual amount of seeds passing through the machine and correct if necessary the supply of working fluid to maintain the given proportion.







Productive capacity, t/hour


from 3 to 20,0

Dry mass (constructional), with a full set of operating units and devices - 310 kg

Tank capacity, no more than - 250 dm3 (l)

Supply of the system of automatic fluid adjustment (SAFA) with the system of separate supply (SSS) - from 0,3 to 6,0 dm3/min (l/min)

Consumed capacity, no more than - 4,5 kW

Dimensions, no more than:
- length - 2150 mm
- width - 1800 mm
- height - 2450 mm

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