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To achieve the full genetical potential, modern poultry farming requires a supplement of important nutrients to support the growth and health among layers and broilers.

Calci-Liq from Jorenku is a unique liquid supplementary feed with concentrated vitamin D3 (Hy-D) combined with calcium and magnesium, which supports the formation of the skeleton and increases the strengths of the eggshell.

Calci-Liq can be used for both layers and broilers. By adding Calci-Liq to the drinking water, the supplementary feed is digested more easily and the poultry get the optimal benefits from the nutrients.

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Jorenku A/S

Jorenku A/S was founded in 1991 by Johnni Pedersen, who developed the disinfectant Staldren®, which the company has produced ever since.

Since the 1990s, Jorenku A/S has established an extensive national and international network of dealers, which today has resulted in a market leading position with exports to more than 70 countries.

Since 2017, Jorenku A/S has also specialized in the development and production of vitamin and mineral mixtures for livestock professionals. Therefore, today Jorenku A/S is among the preferred suppliers of own-produced acids and liquid vitamins.

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