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Hornslet, Danmark

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Woodconstruction A/S is a newly establish company in Denmark, where several of the key employees have worked with CLT and glulam for many years.

There is an extensive experience with construction in wood throughout Northern and Central Europe, except for Denmark. We want to bring concept construction in CLT elements and glulam constructions to danish agriculture in order to contribute to the 70% Co2 reduction in 2030 in a way that is both economically and technically responsible.

Woodconstruction A/S offers a solution as a total subcontractor, where we take care of all CLT and glulam, including dimensioning, statics, preparation of production drawings and drawings for own deliveries and assemblies, as well as proposals for structural constructions in relation to fire, sound, etc. ss well as delivery and installation of elements and glulam. In this way, a sustainable building becomes the easy choice when choosing construction for your projects.

Concept construction in CLT (cross-laminated timber) and glulam will make construction in Danish agriculture significantly greener and more climate-friendly.

CLT and glulam can replace steel constructions and concrete elements, and partially roof constructions, and has many technical properties for building that are just as good as concrete and steel, and sometimes better. The prefabricated CLT elements and the glulam can be delivered 10-12 weeks after approved/finished drawing material, and assembly of the wooden raw house often takes 6-10 working days.

Concept construction in prefabricated CLT elements and glulam constructions has the following technical/constructional advantages compared to most traditional materials:

- Lighter material, which often provides savings on transport
- Faster assembly and currently faster delivery
- Easier adaptation in case of project changes and in relation to the subsequent fitting out and installation work
- Can stand as finished external and internal surfaces
- Healthier indoor climate, moisture regulating properties
- Often better fire-technical properties than for example steel
- Environmentally climate-friendly and renewable resource and easily recyclable as it is pure wood
- Better and healthier environment on construction site with less dust and noise
- Good overall economy

We take pride in flexible solutions and see it as a matter of course that the projects are completed at the agreed time, price and quality.

We build for all industries/needs and are ready for answering any questions about CLT and glulam on telephone +45 70 134 134 or email

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Carsten Kaldal

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