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TAD c/o Fed. of Employers of Ukraine

D 3284

TAD is a leader in the production of machinery for oversized transportation in Ukraine.

Our trailers can have from two to ten axles and up to one hundred and twenty tons of payload.

The model range consists of several types of technique : Classic, Jumbo, Mega, Trailer, Telekop. Which, in turn, have different options for equipment, load capacity and configurations. Our production is focused entirely on quality products and long-term honest partnerships with our customers.

Since 2020, we have opened a new direction, the production of trailed dump trucks, we manufacture metal and aluminum dump trucks for the construction and agricultural industries. Nowadays, we have positive feedback from users about our products, we are working on further quality improvement and cost reduction for our customers.

Our strength and uniqueness is that we are also a large logistics company, with a auto park of over 140 special trailers.

Vast practical experience allows us to produce both high-quality and cost-effective equipment for the client, we test new products on ourselves, and only then offer them for sale.

At the design stage, the peculiarities of local operation and the wishes of the client are taken into account as much as possible, which minimizes the costs of maintaining the equipment in the future.

We invest in high-tech equipment and modern production facilities, we are constantly developing new models. In production, we use exclusively the strongest brands of metals and the highest quality components, which, in combination with the high skill of our employees and engineers, gives us the opportunity to create a high-quality and technological product for our customers.

The philosophy of TAD is not only the production and sale of equipment, it is the support of the client during the entire period of use, consultations, 24/7 service support, a large warehouse of spare parts.

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