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Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

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  • NAUST Robotics ApS
  • BioCover Data ApS
  • Farmer's Window ApS
  • Karl.Farm ApS
  • Hectodrone ApS
  • PerPlant ApS

Represented companies

  • NAUST Robotics ApS
  • BioCover Data A/S
  • Farmer's Window ApS
  • Karl.Farm ApS
  • Hectodrone ApS
  • PerPlant Aps
  • Food & Bio Cluster Denmark


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Skejby, Denmark

Viborg, Denmark

København , Denmark

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Food & Bio Cluster Denmark runs three Incubators targeted at startups. We provide and strengthen innovation in the entire value chain from farm to fork. At Agromek 2022, we present six innovative members and startup companies, each of which shows the latest trends for agriculture:

NAUST Robotics - A flying scarecrow
NAUST Robotics has developed a flying solution that reduces bird damage in agriculture using an automatic drone with speakers.

Biocover Data A/S – sensor system
BioCover specializes in the sustainable and precise use of organic fertilizers and has developed a new sensor system for manure management.

Karl.Farm - Get the most out of your data
Karl.Farm demonstrates an intelligent add-on for digital planning tools used by agricultural enterprises and machine stations. Through KARL's API, internal and external data can be used for sustainable planning of field tasks.

Hectodrone - a field sprayer
Hecto Drone shows their intelligent drone with sprayer. The drone is distinguished by having a built-in docking station, to which it returns itself to be filled up with spray agent and fuel.

Perplant Aps
The future of farming will increasingly involve high-tech precision technology including robots, drones, satellites, and sensors. This transition requires farmers to adopt new capabilities that can help them monitor plants with centimeter-level precision, process HD data on the edge and generate plant-level insights right at the time needed. That is why we have invented an AI based camera sensor that supports a future where fields will be digitized at the plant level - PerPlant.

Farmers Window - Let the consumer follow the produce
See and understand where the food comes from, how it is produced and under what conditions through the Farmer's Window app. The app is connected to cameras out on productions that run 24/7 and reflect actual production conditions.

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