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Cherkassy, Ukraine

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ARAMIS is a modern research and manufacture enterprise specializing in development and production of innovative laser metal processing complexes.

The company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of precision engineering. During this period of time, we have accumulated a lot of experience with motion systems, laser sources, optical systems, electronics, software, etc. A database of reliable suppliers of components and spare parts has been developed.

The research-based approach and extensive production experience makes it possible for us to provide exclusively high-tech solutions required for the modern industry.

Our machines are already operating at more than 300 enterprises in Ukraine and in Eastern European countries.

Innovations and Technology
Our key competitive advantages are the high technological production level based on world quality standards, and experienced specialists from our research, design, production, and service units. We continuously invest in research and innovation raising the standards of laser metal processing.

We manufacture a wide range of metal processing equipment, namely:
- laser complexes for metal cutting and perforation
- high-precision motion systems on linear motors
- laser welding devices
- engraving machines
- sheet bending presses
- automated loading and unloading systems, et

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Sergey Shevchenko

CEO у Aramis Laser Systems


Sergey Shevchenko

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