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AKA-DanBox A/S

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Ansager, Danmark

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AKA-DanBox manufactures premium quality steel and plywood boxes for the agricultural sector. Both box types are available in standard and customised variants.
We also have extensive experience in designing boxes to cover a wide range of needs such as efficient protection of installations (electricity, hydraulics, etc.), storage of equipment or boxes that offer easy access to chains, tie down straps, and specialised tools.

We also manufactures a range of fuel, hydraulic oil or water tank solutions.

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Lene Paamand

Key Account

Lene has been with AKA-DanBox A/S since 2017, and has knowledge of storage solutions for all our industries, especially construction and agriculture. She is in charge of sales for both DK and export.


Lene Paamand

Dorte Lauridsen

Order Processor

Dorte has been with AKA-DanBox A/S since February 2024, and is mainly responsible for sales to DK within all industries.


Dorte Lauridsen