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Bjæverskov, Danmark

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Agro-Bag A/S is a Danish company specialized in the production of tools for emptying big bags in agriculture and industry.

Our tool, also called Agro-Bag, is a safe and user-friendly tool for agriculture or industry, where you want to facilitate the emptying of big bags and improve the working environment by not being in direct contact with big bags. The tool is both a stable and reliable operating solution with low maintenance costs, which provides greater flexibility and optimizes daily work tasks.

Agro-Bag has been developed as a tool that is universal and can be installed on most constructions as different types of fittings are offered. In addition, the Agro-Bag is equipped with adjustable profile pipes with through-holes, which make it possible to fine-adjust the installation on the fertilizer spreader or filling box.

Speed, optimization and high security - these are all 3 key advantages you get by including Agro-Bag in the daily operation when emptying big bags.

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Mads Birkedal

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